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Friday, 3 August 2012

Little bit of this, little bit of that!

Another cold, but sunny day!  Thermometer says 20degrees, but wow! does it feel cold in this house!  I need to get out into the sun today, for sure!

I have been busy sewing since rediscovering my precious sewing machine.  She is as old as the mountains (relatively, taking the latest models into consideration), but she still sews beautifully!  My granddaughter is the lucky girl receiving these new creations and although it is taking time to put these beauties together (ouma must go back far into the long ago of sewing girlie dresses), the dresses are looking better and better as I progress. A few photies to show off!  Also knitted her a lovely wool/mohair/poly mix bolero type cardi.  Fits well and has been worn quite often.  Shortish sleeves works well for busy little hands as the chest and back is cuddly and warm, while the arms are freed up for those busy hands.

 Shadow spoils this shot!  Photo taken against the bareness of the virginia creeper, but already starting to show spring shoots.  Tender leaves appearing.  Will try and capture those.

 A simple summer dress with material chosen by little Miss G herself!  Ouma added the lace and will add bright pink buttons on the bodice as soon as they are bought!

 The little blue green dress is a version of the pillowcase dresses the American ladies produce to dress the little North African girls.  Very easy to do, I might make quite a few, the design options here are endless.

Close-up of the summer frock, showing the lovely green lace.

This is the mohair/wool bunny jacket.

Lovely shirred dress! So easy to make!

Also, been working the garden a bit.  Between bouts of rainy days and few sunny ones, I try and get into the veg garden as often as I can.  Still a lot to do there, but we have been harvesting carrots.  Not big ones, but tasteful just the same! 

Lovely, yummy homegrown carrots!  What can be more appetizing, I ask you!
So, another weekend looming.  Hope our swimmers and athletes will do well during the Olympics.  We are already proud to be represented by them!

I wish you lots of sun and bounty this weekend and do what you need to do, for yourself!


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