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Friday, 24 August 2012

This piggy will now show photo's of market goodies

There is nothing like try and try again in this blogging game that at times seem to bypass me completely. This is now the second attempt at making a good blog and for it to stay that way without the interference of some gremlin..... Batteries charges, photo's taken, now for showing:
Well, yes, this just does not look like the way I normally blog, but what the heck, lets give it a go! The above pictures (hope that they will still be there once this is published) are all of the bags I have sewn and one of the knitted ones. I'll try and upload the other cabled satchel type bag, so here goes:
Have a good week-end and I'll see you through the window! xoxo

One Little Piggy goes to Market.............

For the past two weeks I have been preparing to attend a craft market called 'Art in the Park' here in the city.  I have filled in applications forms, paid the subs and will now officially strut my stuff (so to speak) once a month in a very well known local park.  Luckily I have a bit of stock to show because although I had the best intentions of doing sooooooo much more, there simply was not enough minutes in the day.  

My main aim will be to show bags (knitted, crochet and sewn), a few picnic blankets (which I hope will be a good item to sell), simple summer dresses for little girls, maybe a few hats and then I will always have the standby's, the money spinners like crochet flowers, knitted hearts, sewn pot pouri sachets, etc. And always my beanies, etc just to have a bit more on the table.  Obviously knitwear will be mostly from autumn to spring with lighter goods for summer.  I wish that I had already mastered the art of soap making or lip balms.  That would be good sellers for summer markets as our summer are generally very hot.

I am waiting for the batteries to charge so that I could take a few photo's of the goods I have finished so far so that I add those to this blog.  Still have to finish one bag and also sew a little dress.  Then to price everything, must still print more labels to do that, make a list of my stock.  The list is endless.  Must also still organise some sort of table to display the goods on and off course, I am praying for good weather as I do not own a gazebo of any size or sort.  Little steps........


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

It's Cold Outside (and Inside!), Baby!!

Wow!  It is so cold down here in the Eastern Cape!  Even when the sun comes through for small visits, the temp seems to drop more and more.  We are definitely not geared towards icy cold winter weather, rather more temperate temperatures as we normally have a more Mediterranean climate.

With all the coldness in the air, my fingers stay frozen and it is very difficult to concentrate and work constantly on a project.  I have even been knitting with gloves on.  Imagine that!  Anyway, I did finish a knitted bag, must still put in the lining and will then start on a crochet bag of some kind.  Also busy cutting tulle to make a tutu.  This will be a first for me, so I do not count on it being the perfect piece of knotting and sewing done.  Will take a photo of it when it's finished.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I have not taken any pictures lately.  Must be the cold or lack of opportunity, don't know about that one, must still make my mind up.  I have decided to just post a few pictures taken over the months.  

This was taken in the beautiful Prince Alberts Pass in the mountain range between the coast and Langkloof area.

The beginnings of the much loved Keurbooms river where my children used to play and swim in when they were small.

Agapanthus in the garden last year.
  Hope that you are having a sunny day wherever you are!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Little bit of this, little bit of that!

Another cold, but sunny day!  Thermometer says 20degrees, but wow! does it feel cold in this house!  I need to get out into the sun today, for sure!

I have been busy sewing since rediscovering my precious sewing machine.  She is as old as the mountains (relatively, taking the latest models into consideration), but she still sews beautifully!  My granddaughter is the lucky girl receiving these new creations and although it is taking time to put these beauties together (ouma must go back far into the long ago of sewing girlie dresses), the dresses are looking better and better as I progress. A few photies to show off!  Also knitted her a lovely wool/mohair/poly mix bolero type cardi.  Fits well and has been worn quite often.  Shortish sleeves works well for busy little hands as the chest and back is cuddly and warm, while the arms are freed up for those busy hands.

 Shadow spoils this shot!  Photo taken against the bareness of the virginia creeper, but already starting to show spring shoots.  Tender leaves appearing.  Will try and capture those.

 A simple summer dress with material chosen by little Miss G herself!  Ouma added the lace and will add bright pink buttons on the bodice as soon as they are bought!

 The little blue green dress is a version of the pillowcase dresses the American ladies produce to dress the little North African girls.  Very easy to do, I might make quite a few, the design options here are endless.

Close-up of the summer frock, showing the lovely green lace.

This is the mohair/wool bunny jacket.

Lovely shirred dress! So easy to make!

Also, been working the garden a bit.  Between bouts of rainy days and few sunny ones, I try and get into the veg garden as often as I can.  Still a lot to do there, but we have been harvesting carrots.  Not big ones, but tasteful just the same! 

Lovely, yummy homegrown carrots!  What can be more appetizing, I ask you!
So, another weekend looming.  Hope our swimmers and athletes will do well during the Olympics.  We are already proud to be represented by them!

I wish you lots of sun and bounty this weekend and do what you need to do, for yourself!