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Friday, 24 August 2012

One Little Piggy goes to Market.............

For the past two weeks I have been preparing to attend a craft market called 'Art in the Park' here in the city.  I have filled in applications forms, paid the subs and will now officially strut my stuff (so to speak) once a month in a very well known local park.  Luckily I have a bit of stock to show because although I had the best intentions of doing sooooooo much more, there simply was not enough minutes in the day.  

My main aim will be to show bags (knitted, crochet and sewn), a few picnic blankets (which I hope will be a good item to sell), simple summer dresses for little girls, maybe a few hats and then I will always have the standby's, the money spinners like crochet flowers, knitted hearts, sewn pot pouri sachets, etc. And always my beanies, etc just to have a bit more on the table.  Obviously knitwear will be mostly from autumn to spring with lighter goods for summer.  I wish that I had already mastered the art of soap making or lip balms.  That would be good sellers for summer markets as our summer are generally very hot.

I am waiting for the batteries to charge so that I could take a few photo's of the goods I have finished so far so that I add those to this blog.  Still have to finish one bag and also sew a little dress.  Then to price everything, must still print more labels to do that, make a list of my stock.  The list is endless.  Must also still organise some sort of table to display the goods on and off course, I am praying for good weather as I do not own a gazebo of any size or sort.  Little steps........


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