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Bags I made

Pretty little coin bags for young ladies. Big enough for lip ice, tissues and i-phone. Long strap to be worn across body. Button fasteners.

Flip side of 1st view.

More coin bags, with the Monster Mash at the bottom!

Flip side. Some of them do look different at the back!

Denim recycles making use of the pockets on the pants as much as possible. This bag is fully lined with a mirror pocket on the inside.

Flip side. I try to arrange the flowers, etc differently on the flip side.

Safari bag (or fishy bag) with sequins and beads with the fish sewn on a net background.

Flip side showing butterfly and flower stamped motifs, bullet embellishment and double pocket feature. Bag closes with zip and has recycled belt as handles. This bag is supposed to be a bit rough showing unfinished seams, etc. Interfaced to make it a bit more stiff to keep its shape better. Obviously also lined.

Love bag shown in previous blog. Fully lined with fancy bag for little things inside instead of mirror pocket. Velcro fastening.

Flip side with more hearts and flower stamp.

Spring Explosion bag with felt flowers and buttons and some embroidery.

Flip side showing knitted flowers, birdie material. Bit of machine embroidery. Lined with mirror pocket and press stud closure.

Chunky knitted bag for tweens. Not lined, button only for decoration purposes.

Knitted messenger bag, not lined but reinforced strap and button to close.

Close-up of cables on messenger bag. Knitted in Elle Essence using yarn double throughout.

100% Cotton bag, knitted in garter stitch, drawstring decorated with beads, fully lined and reinforced strap.                  
Mirror pocket is a term used for the little pocket inside a bag where in days gone by, ladies used to put their small pocket mirrors in.

These bags are shown here merely for interest sake.  They are for sale at the various markets that I attend, but not shown here for the purpose of selling. Off course if you are interested in any of them, you can contact me and we can talk.


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