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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


There's no stopping the hours and days from flying into the distance.  It is almost the end of February, the second month of the new year almost gone. I must confess that although I have been busy, I most probably could have done more.  My excuse is the heat:  it has been so hot every single day and although I love the warmth, I cannot bear the heat anymore.  Old age brings more niggs to the table than not!  I love the autumn, so lovely and warm, but also cool and lovely.  You sleep better, you can actually get into the garden and start planting and tidying up the flower beds before winter starts in all its glory.

The feeling of laziness is slowly creeping into my being.  I want to sit and read or listen to the chickens talking and just generally not do anything.  Not that I can afford to do that, I have heaps to do.  My list of to-do's is continuously growing and I better get going!  I have started on a new crochet blanket, knitted a few blocks that might also turn into a blanket or maybe I will figure out a cardi for one of my grandchildren using the blocks (as in patchwork).  I remember doing something similar oodles of years ago for my daughter, using nice pastels, and as I remember, people stopped her in the streets to ask about the shop she has bought it from.  Ha Ha!  Really looked nice!  I have some sewing alterations to do for a customer.  More dresses to sew for my granddaughter and I must think of something nice to do for the grandson.  I am also finishing off a woolly vest for my granddaughter.  I am utterly bored with making things for the market days as at the moment nothing seems to sell.  I know the economy is bad, but after spending time and money to make stuff, you would like to see something sell!

I have subscribed to a daily inspiration this morning and was totally surprised to read stuff that I know, but somehow you forget the wisdom of  these little nuggets.  To read them again and again and understand the simple concept of the message, is something I'll have to learn all over again.  If you are interested, you can find them at 'Inspire me Today.com'.  It is really worth your time.

OK, wanted to load a nice picture, but I really do not know what has happened on this site since the previous uploads, as suddenly I cannot access my photo's.  Well, I'll just blame Google!  

Have a great week, full of surprises and wonderful thoughts!


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

February - the red heart month!

To me, February is heart month and I am not taking about Valentine's day at all!  On the 25th February 2011, very early on that Friday morning, I was pushed into theater for heart surgery.   A week later I went home to recover completely and to start life again.  It makes me very thankful for wonderful surgeons and nursing staff and that I could recover so completely to be able to walk good distances again (not what I used to do when I was running, but still, I am to scared to exert myself). 

It is so hot and humid here at the moment, I am drinking water by the liter to keep cool.  We are in for a good thunderstorm later this afternoon if the clouds are anything to go by.

Anyway, I had to make a few hearts for Valentine's day and they are really looking lovely!

Spare lilac ribbon makes the cotton and wool heart so light and airy!

Some of the cotton and wool hearts with lovely wooden button hearts!

Another upcycled ornament stuck to the heart brooch.

One of the few olives on my olive tree.  Hope you can see it!
I have this olive tree growing in a pot.  It started off, like most trees (ha ha), as a little bitty thing and has now grown so big, it needs to be transplanted into a proper place where it can grow and grow and produce lots of olives.  It has given me about 5 olives this year and I must say, oil pressing or export is now totally out of the question!!  But, what to do with only 5 olives??  No matter, proud mama I am!

Until the next time, may your days be long and jolly!