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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

More Bags

Already the 1st of October. This year is going even faster than the previous one.

Anyway, I have finished another  bag and here are the pictures to prove it!

A very red beaded festive little bag!

Flip side of red ribbon bag.

I have another 3 lined up for finishing, but at times just sit back and stare at them for lack of inspiration! I like to make each one a bit different from the other.  I might use the same decorations, but place them in different positions so that they sort of look unique!  Sounds terrible!

Time to get ready for Christmas markets and the list of goods I need to make grows by the day. Stocking fillers are a priority, also little items for Xmas tree decoration and some lovely homely presents.

Sun today after days and days of rain! Love the rain, but I am so glad to see the sun!

Well, off to work I go! Hope everyone has a lovely week filled with lots of sweet things and lots of fun things for hands to do!



  1. I love your bags. They should be a good seller at the Christmas markets.