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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Spring and September in the Southern Hemisphere

So much for regular blogging! So many things get in the way, least of all, my camera is never ready to download pictures.  

Yesterday I harvested some of the last of the winter carrots and made a good lentil soup (my favourite) using those plus a few late beans, a few lonely tomatoes and a few leaves of spinach. Nothing as good as a good wholesome soup for lunch and other times when you feel pecky! Now to start cleaning up the veg patch and plant summer crops.  Looking over at the borage which grew so profusely over the winter, I feel sorry that I have to take them out.  The bees will be without a wonderful food source for a while.  Did you know how wholesome borage actually is?  The lovely blue flowers can be used in drinks and salads. Tastes like cucumbers.  The flowers, according to an article I read recently, replenishes the nectar content every half an hour.  Is that not something to know? Specially when you keep bees? Imagine how lovely that honey will taste and how healthy. You should read up about it and all the wonderful uses.  I am always amazed at what the herbs that you grow in your every day garden, can really do for you.  We are sort of stuck with just one use for those good herbs, never learn to use them for anything else.

 Profusely cannot describe this patch of borage, full in flower and blown to bits by our winds.

On the craft front, I have also been busy. Really got stuck somewhere last month when I just could not get myself to do anything.  I felt deflated and really had crafters' block, if there is something like that.  I thought a good rest will do the thing, but you know, I find it very, very hard to get back into production, so to speak. 

I have made a few crochet coin purses for an order and then got carried away and made 12. As easy as that!  Could not stop after the first two.  Now I am back on recycling denim into bags. As fancy as I can do them!  I try and use as many old things as I can possibly lie my hands on and that means beads, felt, buttons and ribbons of all sorts!

 One side of a recycled handbag using bits of ribbon, stamp, buttons and something from a relatives wedding invitation.

 Cushions I made decorating them with old charity shop doilies. They look very nice to me although I have decided to redo one of them as it seems to flop to much.

 I bought this beautiful piece of material showing different birds on them.  I initially wanted to quilt them to use as place mats, but never got round to doing that.  This turned out to be a small cushion and was sold in a jiffy.  It really is a little gem.

 Another easy crochet blanket I would call "my stash buster"! This took care of quite a large box of wool that was too little or just not right for certain projects.  As a blanket, I must admit, it is beautiful and lovely and warm. Sleep under it every night!

One of my totally over the top decorated denim bags, but as with some things, once you start, there is just no stopping you!  Love it!

 This is another piece of beautiful (quite expensive, too!) material that I used to make a big cushion. It spells New York, London and Paris all over. Really lovely.

 Another piece giving us a bit of South African heritage with the founder father Jan van Riebeeck, showing the Cape of Good Hope and of course, the lovely proteas found in that area.  Another cushion as you can see!

Here I used DK wool double to create a shrug.  Feels quite snug and warm.  Hope that sellers like it too.  I made 2, sold 1 on first view, hope this one goes too!

That's all for today! Hope all hands will be busy and kept out of mischief!

Till we meet again via the internet,

xox Marl


  1. Hi Marl, I just found your blog via another blog. I love your shrug. I can see you are very crafty and do lovely work. I live in SE Qld and retired last year so am transitioning into retirement which has its ups and spdowns. All the best with your craft business.

    1. Glad you found my blog! The shrug is lovely and is perfect for our cool spring afternoons. And yes, retirement takes some time to get use to. Best to stay as busy as you can!