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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

One super hot Christmas!

Today seemed to be the perfect day to blog. It is all quiet here, everyone's out. I stayed at home to make some jam and to have a bit of quiet time to myself.

Also busy on another blanket. Thought originally it would be blue toned, but after buying some lovely marked down yarn, the colours now variate between orange, blue and bits of pink! Looks like the cheap yarn is yarn that might have been incorrectly wound because the colours need to variate and they don't. So you will have half a ball of orange, a bit of blue, then a mix, but anyway, all in all the blanket looks cheery!

My veg garden is growing fantasticly and I have already eaten from it. The beans are growing towards heaven and my only wish would be to be able to climb up to the giant's house and take a few gold coins! Our economy has taken a turn for the worse and who knows what might be in store for us next year.

Tried to download some photos, but with no success! There is something wrong with the camera's card. I will have to get a new one.

Anyway, Christmas is around the corner and I would like to wish everyone who reads this blog a wonderful day with your loved ones and a stunning new year! I hope that everything that you wish for would come your way in 2016! Not all at once, that would be boring, but little by little so that the joy will last for a long time.

I will leave you with an image of a beautiful daisy I had in my garden!