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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Indian Summer

The weather sure is totally messed up! Here we are at the end of May, tomorrow June starts and we have summer weather all round. Even the nights are quite temperate. My poor veggies are so confused. I have huge tomatoes on the vines, new tomato plants flowering, my eggplant bushes are full of flowers and fruit. So what to do if Father Winter decides to wake up and start wintry weather? All my beautiful plants will die. I am harvesting figs and beans! For goodness' sake!  I  mean, what on earth is happening!

This morning I decided to make some sandwich spreads using just veggies. I simmered one onion, chopped up, in a bit of coconut oil, then added some freshly harvested young beans, finely grated carrots, finely grated broccoli and cauliflower, some parsley and fresh coriander, little bit of chopped cabbage and spinach, few stalks of celery, bit of chili and a few peppadews. Lightly mixed with the onions and quickly cooked, then blitz together with a bit of mayo. Salt, pepper and some smoked paprika, soy sauce, bit of vinegar and lemon juice and Bob's your uncle. Very tasty! Something for sarmies or for anything you like to dip. My granddaughter did the tasting and she likes it, so there you are!

I have been knitting so much lately that my shoulders are currently on strike and I still have to knit a jersey order. Started knitting children's socks as well and what a delight! Funny how in old age, some things just seem easier to knit than when you were much younger! I am trying all sorts of things and it is a lot of fun just doing that!

Hope that you have good weather and lots of fun wherever you are!


Monday, 14 March 2016


Well, summer is slowly saying bye-bye here in the south with lovely cooling days starting to make you mellow. We had one gloriously, hot, hot summer and everyone I know said that they cannot wait for winter! I've had a complete energy collapse, if one could call it that. No energy to do anything or even try. I have never felt this deflated. 

But with all that said, I have tried to make a few things for the market I attend. Although I have had a terrible December market, non-existing January one, at least February seemed to be ok. Sold a few things, even one of the dolls that I have made for the Xmas table. They are so beautiful! I have since decided that in future I will concentrate more on making stuff for myself for a change. I crochet another blanket for my chair and started on a oval mat, then stopped and it is still buried under a lot of plastic bags full of material and wool. Now knitting a nice little pull-over top with bargain wool I found at one of the shops I normally drop into. When it is finished, I hope that it will fit me because I really like the pattern and photo of the top on the model.  I have also started on a few denim bags. I have stared very long at the material for inspiration and then one day just started to cut and sew and that was that. 

We are also busy planning our winter veg garden. The peas have been sown and is coming up nicely. We'll see what will happen when the tortoises find the succulent stems!!

Seems I still have problems loading my photos. My son keeps on tampering with the computer and I think that that might be the problem. Will have to reload the program and start all over again. As I said, I just do not have the energy right now.

Hope all is well in bloggerland and that your days are full and happy!!