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Monday, 6 February 2012

Ta-dooh, Ta-dah!!

Weekend is over, so is the lovely rain that we've had for 3 whole days!  All my flowers are singing joyful songs this morning as the slow breeze whizzes through them. 

I have finished my randomly blue blankie as well as the hanger commission.  I am busy  experimenting with material hearts, star and flower motifs.  Can wait to see how all will turn out.

Meanwhile a few photies of ta-dahs:

 Flip side of one of the Valentine's hearts.
 Randomly blue blanket.  More of a sampler, trying out different patterns from published patterns and variations on old ones that I have done over and over.  This blanket was knitted using 100% acrylic yarn, feels a bit hard, being used to the lovely softness of merino and mohair, but I am sure that it will wash and wear well.

 Finished covering the hangers, tried to keep to a colour scheme using related colours taken from the multi-coloured covering.  And one white cotton yarn valentine's just for fun!
 Close up!
 Used locally produced (Eastern Cape) material to make this heart.  It actually looks nicer in real life and I will definately make some more, using different decorations.

The red and white hearts previously knitted, just sewn together and decorated.  They do look pretty!

Well, another week is begging for something new to do! 

Bless you all!

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