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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Very hot here again today!  Can't wait for lovely autumn and warm winter days.  I will not moan one single day when I'm cold, but will rather wrap myself in something warm, because, man, this summer has been hotter than I can remember!  

I have been monitoring a very strange blossom amongst my flowers recently.  A friend gave me a cactus plant last year which I unceremoniously just plonked into a hanging basket.  Cactus: very little water requirements, so the hanging basket suits the bill.  A few weeks ago I picked up a very strange looking flower underneath the hanging basket, but because the wind was blowing during that week, I thought that it might have blown over the fence from a neighbor, but then for some reason or other, I went back to that spot and had a good look at the cactus.  There I discovered various little emerging flowers on the plant and I must say, very funny looking indeed!  That's when I started taking photo's so I could track the flowers opening.  Low and behold, the flower has opened today and here is the whole photo story.  It is called the carrion plant and I can actually see that the flower's colours, etc looks very much like jungle flowers that catch flies, etc to feed on.

 Look at the 'turrets', a long stem with this little triangle at the end of it. The baby one looks more like a baby snake!
 This is the mother plant, looking quite cactu-ish, like its supposed to! The broad leaves are from a dandelion growing between the fingers.
 This is the opened flower.  Look at the fly sitting on the side of the round bit of the flower.  It is not stuck, so the plant does not eat it, I assume that the fly is used for some other purpose here.  I will have to read up on this flower. Would the shape of this flower also not make a lovely type of granny square?
 Two more photo's of the flower.  Sorry, the wind was blowing a bit and the flower was swaying to and fro.  Not the best for photography!

 Love taking photo's of veg seeding!  These are the beautiful flowerheads of the carrot.  Are they not beautiful?

The above photo is for all the northern winter ladies:  lovely, colourful marigolds flowering to perfection in our hot South African late summer!  Very soon we'll be cold and you will show us your lovely blooms!

Let me go and carry on with my latest blanket.  Need some more wool to finish, but am busy finishing off the yukkie bits.  It makes it so much easier once you get to the actual finish of a blanket.  When you are fed-up and just want to finish.  You know what I mean!!

Good vibes to all!!

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