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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blankets and Beanies

 Slumberland Pam (From the You Knit booklet) - fun toy for my granddaughter!
 Merino beanies for my London based daughter and her friend.
 Mohair scarf to go with merino beanie for my daughter.
 Last panel of mohair blanket on commission for a friend.  So warm to handle in our current heatwave, but I do 6 rows at a time.  Cable repeat is 48 rows. 
Different view of cable pattern.
 First blanket I did on commission.  Embroidered farm animals, birds, etc to break all the blocks.
 My very first blanket and I tried out every thing I could think of.  Very cozy and much loved by me!
 Beautiful autumn colours in this knee blanket. 
Special birthday present for my daughter in London using old lace from her bedroom window curtain and various colours and flowers to remind her of home (in Paradise Beach, Eastern Cape at that time) and of course, she is also an accomplished diver, so mother had to add penquin buttons and waves and dolphins!

I made another double bed blanket, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures.  It was very uninspiring at times, but  after I embroidered all the flowers on it, I really loved it.

I miss my old home so much!

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