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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Heart on your sleeve?

Another very hot day on the map for us in the Eastern Cape today.  Already passing 22 deg C and it's only 08:43am.  WOW!  Even the seawater is more than 22 deg C, beautifully warm, but not so refreshing!

Valentine's day is coming up fast and for us crafters who try and make some sort of a living from selling little handmade items, now's the time to start working hard. I've been doodling all sorts of ideas on paper to see if I can come up with something original.  It is very hard!  In the meantime, I've knitted up some hearts and will sit and look at them until some brilliant ideas flash through my mind.  Hope I am awake enough then to catch and hold!

 Heart shapes waiting to be dollied up. 

My granddaughter brought this home yesterday. Her 'artwork' at playschool for the day and I thought it so lovely, it's worth a frame!  And to share!

Have a lovely cool and breezy day wherever you are!

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