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Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's Friday!

Another week has gone and it feels like I have done nothing!  On reflection though, I have attended a school's cricket match one afternoon, I have finished another small blanket, I have made some cucumber pickles and made a few 'birds' eggs'.  Now you might ask, what on earth are you talking about? Well, about a year ago I picked up the most beautiful rounded stones on a beach near us.  I have been looking at these for a long time now and could not decide how to use them.  In the meantime they were sitting outside on a small table looking all zen like. I have stacked them, put them in my bedroom window, amongst my plants, but still could not decide.

I have penciled some ladybird likeness on some, but have not 'coloured them in' yet.  Before christmas I thought that crochet work of some sort would look good on them, which I tried, but liked the covers so much that I turned them into snowflakes!  I have decided to try again and here are the results:

Pretty little birdeggs!

Then I have finished a small knee blanket with the leftover mohair from the double bed one.  The size is approximately 75 x 105cm and I must say, it looks pretty damn good!!  Just big enough to cover cold winter knees and as light as rain. 

It's knitted up in 4 pieces, short and long and I have used the cable pattern of the big blanket on one side, baby cabling on one, plain stocking stitch on one and a double moss stitch on the last one.  The joins I have finished off by running a row of chain stitch over them.  Looks pretty good!  Will definately do it again.

The pickles I made turned out rather nice and I must say, disappeared while they were still soaking.  The recipe is found on a blog:  Not Quite Nigella.com and is called My mother's cucumber pickles or something like that.  Worth a look!  Super easy, no waiting, in fact, I have bottled them this morning. 

This is what the ribbons looked like while soaking overnight in the fridge. 

I also made cucumber jam, but the jury still out on that one.  Must be cold to appreciate.  If a huge success, recipe will follow.  I am sure it will be good with cold meats and cheesy sarmies.

Have a good weekend!

PS:    A home without a cat is just a house!

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