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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

When winter seems to go on and on and on........

what do you do? I feel forever too cold to do anything except sit on my chair in my room and knit/crochet. I have an extremely small space, but moved a chair in front of a window so always have a good light source at my back. Occasionally I would turn the chair around so that I can look outside to watch the birds and look at the flowers blooming on an old pallet flower box we made (I call it the nursery). I plant everything I can in there for blooms and cuttings and have been very successful doing that.

I have been very busy with my blanket making and my arms are feeling that totally 'enough is enough' spasms and yet, I have so much to do still. Keeping a market stall in goods take a lot of time and effort. That's all I can say! And is it worth it? I really do not know, at times I think it is (when people actually decide to buy what I make!) and at times I think that it is a total waste of time. BUT, I must also add that when people look at my knitted or made items and oh an ah over it, the feeling of 'we are thinking the same about things' is overwhelming. I love positive people! On all that though, I am starting to consider changing to facebook selling. I know people who have had a lot of success doing that.

 A lovely baby blanket I made for a friend's new baby boy as a present. It is beautiful!

 This is the underside, I padded it using soft flannelette material.

 New addition to the family, lovely cross breed, called Johnny!

My beautiful handsome grandson modelling a Shreg beanie!

Something else I have discovered lately is that I have become allergic to apples! After years and years of eating apples with their skins on, suddenly I am totally allergic to the skins. I have to peel every apple before I eat it and to tell the truth, an apple without a skin is not an apple to me! 

Well, that's me for today! Hope you will have beautiful sunny days with lots of blessings!