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Friday, 6 July 2012

A Cold and Lazy Friday Afternoon

My camera's batteries are flat so I could not take any pictures of all the goodies I have finished over the past week or so.  I have decided that today is the perfect day to just post a few oldies and reminisce. It is a cold day, although the temp gauge says 17deg C, it feels more like 9.

 This is my granddaughter, Gabrielle, posing in three of the summer vests/tops I designed for little misses.  It takes some doing to get her to pose, but once she's feeling the vibe, there's no stopping her!

 Here she is showing off a wool jumper sporting a stick dolly as decoration.
 And although this was an acrylic sampler and feels hard to the touch, it is still one of my prettiest lap blankies.  Feels warm too.  As you knit and crochet, there are always some items that you like more than others.  Funny how that is.
 This is my very lovely and quite adventurous daughter before bungy jumping off Bloukrans Bridge on the Garden Route.  One of the highest jumps in the world!!  My heart went down all the way with her that day.  She acknowledged me watching her by giving a huge Tarzan call when going down and swinging  all over that gorge. 
 I know it is still far from December and holidays, but when I looked at this pic taken a few years ago of the totally eco 'Xmas tree' I made using a 'tolbos' or tumbleweed, I felt a little nostalgic.  A few dried bushes blew my way when we had heavy winds and they were so beautiful, I could not resist using at least one and turn it into something grand.  So it was turned into a beautiful silver tree filled with glass angels and colourful lights.  How absolutely beautiful!  That was my last Christmas in my lovely home that I miss very much.  I was just pulling everything together for my complete pleasure.  Nicely painted walls, all my pictures, my kitties, making cushions and nice things so that it is always good to go home from wherever you are.  
But life goes on and hopefully by now, the washing on the line has dried and must be taken off before the rain comes.  We are expecting a lot of rain over the weekend, so it will be wet and cold for at least the next few days. My son is busy making a fire outside on the covered stoep and will be making a Tandoori Chicken pot for us on a little stove that he has bought for this purpose.  So, at least the eating will be hot!



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