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Friday, 14 December 2012

December, the month of Joy!

Today is the 14th December;  half of this month has gone by in a flash!  I can still not believe that we are on the verge of the end of another year.  This year time has really gone by so quickly.

I had an extremely busy month, trying to keep up with some orders, looking after my grandbaby and the 3rd market day this month is coming up on Sunday.  I wish I could say that money is flowing in, but no, money is spent  buying  materials to make things, but the markets have been soooo slow.  Hope coming Sunday will be better.

My niece got married on the first and I have made a lovely shopping bag filled with canned and dry goods for the kitchen tea. She really looked lovely on the day and the venue was out of this world.

My son spear fishes and I know there might be people against this action, but we love fresh fish and he also does not just spear for the killing, but for the pot.  He also shares with neighbours who would otherwise not be able to enjoy freshly caught succulent fish fillets!  He went out last weekend for the first time in months (due to bad weather and visibility) and speared some beauties.  He often smoke (like you do with meat and  chicken) some of the fillets and I must say, it really taste fantastic!

I had to knit so many more beanies and even a scarf and baby jersey that I really missed my usual 'take up the needles and create' episodes. So, I urgently needed to get rid of creative energy and made these lovely little Xmas trees.  I have stuck a little bow on top and sewed a bell underneath.  The bells are real quiet and have a faery ring quality to them:  very soft and melodious!  They can be hung in the real trees or just stuck between the flowers on the Xmas table, there are so beautiful!

Well, hopefully I'll be able to blog one more time before Xmas.  My lovely daughter has a birthday coming up on the 21st and may I wish her the very best for many more years to come and may she remain the lovely, spontaneous person that she is.  Wherever you are in this world (maybe at the Isle of Skye?) at the moment, enjoy and we will speak soon.   


 Bull denim shopping bag with potato print and denim appliqued flowers for the kitchen tea.
The lovely bride in her beautiful dress.

 Mussel cracker and other lovely fishes.  The big one weighed in excess of 11kg.
Bottom of Xmas tree with faerie bell sewn on.
Xmas trees with small bow glued on top and a ribbon to hang on!  

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