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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Late start to the new year.

2013 has come and the first month is almost gone.  I have hoped to do a blog, but somehow there was not enough time (maybe I should start managing my time better) to sit down and actually blog.  When thinking about it, I remembered that I need to take photo's and that the camera's batteries are flat or that I must finish something urgently and so it went on and on.

I did manage to do a lot of work though!  After the house sitting where I finished a cardi ordered, I had to adjust again to home life (so to speak) and only once every one was back at school and work, could this grandma started doing her projects properly.  I have made a few baby dresses, knit a whole outfit as an order, made a lot of different baby beanies and slouchies and am now busy doing a few hearts for Valentine sales.  I need to put some pictures up.  Which I will take right after I charged the batteries of the camera.

We acquired three Silkies a few months back and they have been laying eggs like you won't believe!  But suddenly, all three have decided to that now is the time to sit on their eggs and breed.  Obviously to us that will not happen because the eggs are not fertilized so it is actually time wasted for them.  And I am amazed at how they hold out even after we have taken the eggs away, two are still sitting.  It's been terribly hot here and to think of gardening at the moment is completely out of the question.  Watering only goes so far and once the wind starts blowing, all watering has been for nothing. 

I have so many plans for 2013 and I hope that I'll be able to do everything that I envisaged.  Wish I could do something about having much, much more money though!  Wouldn't we all, I supposed!  

Until the next time,  have a good week!

One of our Silkies called Rooikam, because of her red comb!


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