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Friday, 23 November 2012

Too much to do, so little time!

It's Friday again!  Time seems to fly by so quickly and although one has been busy, one cannot see what one has done!

I have been participating in two swaps with crafty ladies in September and October and was quite surprise at all the nice and useful goodies that came my way.  I do not pretend to know everything about everything and were reminded of that again when I looked at the gifts.  I sometimes do scrapbooking (very lightly, I might add), little bit of this and that, but to now have supplies to actually do the scrapping and cardmaking, well, that's now another matter altogether!  Now, I must find the time to use it all.  Here are some photo's of some of the contents of the two pizza boxes.   Yes, we had to use a small pizza box to send the items in.  Cute, hey?

 A lovely bounded booklet from the one swap partner.  Her passions are bookbinding and journalling as well as zentagling (if I now have that correct!).
 The other swap partner is into cardmaking and scrapping and look at the lovely cards and handmade flowers that she has sent me!
I have had some orders after my last Art in the Park market day and I was over the moon having received them, except that as fate would have it, with every order something went wrong.  I cannot believe it!  Normally I would start and carry on and finish something, but somehow doing orders and not because I like to make something, has jeopardise the whole operation.  Even something that I have made over and over again and using the same yarn, has given me problems.  Unbelievable!  What can I say!  And I could not even finish everything.  That sounds so unprofessional.  To top it all I contracted a stomach virus and was out for a whole working day and two evenings.  I give up!  Obviously, I should just go with creative flowing of the juices and forget about taking orders (which I really, really need to do!).

Anyway, now even the ball of wool is signaling the end long before the beanie is finished.  Normally, there would be wool left over.  You see, obviously, not for me!

Have a good weekend!

Until we meet again,


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