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Friday, 25 May 2012

Silent, but no idle bone here!

Have not posted anything in some time.....

BUT, here's proof that I have not been sitting around doing nothing at all!  I have so many projects in mind, but oh, time, sweet time!!  Then I am also busy in the garden, trying to weed and plant for winter and just prettying it all up a bit!

Anyway, as they say, pictures speak a thousand words, so let me entertain you (HA HA):

 I might have had this pic up before, could not remember right now, but this is my variation on the ear flap Caledonian beanie of which pattern I have knitted a few off.  This one still needs something, like a flower perhaps, but I have not decided what it'll be yet.  Anyway, very nice and warm in 100% Merino.

 These lovely slouchy hats I have made using a pattern I found on Kirsten Spitzer's blogsite and for all the world I cannot remember what her site is called.  She has designed this for her sister, Shannon.  It really turned out fabulous.  The top one I have been knitting when I found the pattern and adjusted it here and there, but the berry one was made using her pattern entirely.  I have made another in a brownish colourway, the wool colour is called 'Russet'.  Also very nice!
 These are not mitts of some sort, but bed socks.  Found the pattern on Ravelry and I must say, it is a real winner.  Knits up fast, although this pair was again a variation of the original pattern.  Seems that I just cannot bake a cake in a conventional manner!  Need to change stuff around.
 This is my six week old grandson modeling a baby beanie with a huge knitted rose on.  You can see on his face what he thinks about all this!
 I have crocheted 3 beanies for babies, 2 with the bear ears and the third one with a variety of flowers that one can pin on depending what one wants that particular day.  We don't feel the same every day so why look the same?
 Then I have found my old trusted machine and all the bits necessary to sew things up again!  Joyful day!  Because I have really, really missed my machine.  She is quite old already, being bought in June 1983 and has up to date, saved my thousands on clothes.
 Just to get going again (and I had to use the manual for the machine again) I copied some patterns from a very, very talented lady called Dana (her blog can be found at www.danamadeit.com or just 'made').  She has 3 children of her own for whom she designs and makes.  Have a look, the patterns are so easy and quick.  The top little gingham one is the basic skirt pattern and you know, little girls can have as many as they want as this is so easy, you can even make it by hand!

This is why and how I stumbled onto Dana's blog.  I wanted to make a simple circular skirt for miss G, but could not find anything that I really liked and that was super easy and quick to make.  I could not remember what I have done years ago when my 'baby' (now 35 years old!) wore these!   Needless to say, I will still make lots more, for miss G as well as to sell.  Uses little material, quick to make, no seams to sew, but the hem and the stitching on of the elastic.  Have a go, you will not be disappointed.

Next blog I will show you how my peas are growing and all the gooseberry plants that I have transplanted into bigger pots so that they can grow big and strong before the final transplant!

Enjoy your weekend and life! 


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