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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Grandson has arrived........

Well this is my new grandchild, a few hours old.  Of course now that he's celebrated a week on our planet, he looks bigger and much cuter!  Very quiet little thing, loves his feeding times which he now has often.

Granddaughter G loves her new brother and is very protective!  Even my brother's animals were protective (or curious?) when we visited there on Saturday past.

On the work front, I have been busy crocheting around blankets and stuff for the little one, knitted a few beanies as well as some bedsocks.  It is getting chilly on our side of the world and we might just have a very cold winter ahead of us.  Anyway, need to update my list of things to knit and sew and start accumulating stock for winter.  Need to look at new patterns for funky scarves and different beanies.

We are busy moving my bits and pieces from the storeroom where it has been kept for the past 2 years here to my children's house.  I was hoping that by this time I would have had a place to stay already, but life seems to hand out different from what you desire or want.   It would be nice to look at my stuff again at least and to find my paints and sewing stuff that I was missing so much.

I had this dream where I would stay in this cute and cosy little house with enough ground around me to be able to veg garden and keep a few hens, also a nice flower patch with a tree to leave a chair under for those times when you need to take a break or just read your latest mag.  A warm fireplace for the cold evenings, I would also get rid of the old TV as there is not much on anyway and a good book or visit from friends are much better company any time.  One can only hope........

Until the next time, hope that you all have a good week and lots to keep those hands busy.


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