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Monday, 26 March 2012

Colourful Blanket

The stork party is over and now I can show the world the blanket that I have knitted for my grandson who's about to enter this world in a couple of weeks' time!

 The elephant I adapted from the pattern in our local Stitches mag and was designed by Dana Biddle.  I used the main pattern, but made small changes to make it my own.  Ears flop and tail and trunk, as per her pattern, left loose.
 The dark bit is suppose to be the dam and was waiting for ducks or hippo's to gather, but my hippo was a flop and I could not find safe ducks to put in the dam, so I opted to sew (very securely) two hippo buttons onto the water.
The tree is also from Dana, the sun and clouds my own, but I must say, the giraffe totally my own creation.  Sure that I would not be able to do another as this was trial and error, but it came out fantastic!  Very chuffed!  Hope the little one will have endless joy sitting and playing on this blanket.

That's almost another Monday gone!  Happy week!

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  1. Your blanket is utterly gorgeous and will be treasured by its owner for a lifetime! Have a good week. Ros