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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tea cosies and bags

In two weeks' time it's market day again! I am trying my utmost to have new stock on the table, but with lovely spring days in between, I find it difficult to concentrate on work and not garden work. The veggie garden calls loudly every time I walk past and with all the spring bulbs flowering, the garden really looks colourful. Sweet peas are climbing up the wire structure and I cannot wait for it to start flowering. That is if the wind does not blow them to pieces before hand. I had a request for a tea cosy and am busy knitting up a few for choice. I might even do another or so extra market days to try and sell before Christmas. I gathered 3 very retro patterns and just finished them. These patterns are truly retro and came from pattern books that I bought way back in 1970. Imagine! Looking back at them just showed me that with all the changes over the years, nothing has really changed at all. People do not believe you when you tell them to knit you only need to know how to do a plain stitch and a purl stitch and with that knowledge you can knit up anything you want. Same with crochet, a few basic stitches and you are on your way and that never changes. I have a full set of Golden Hands hardcover books listing almost every craft that you can imagine and yes, those crafts are still relevant today. I was looking at bag patterns and although I will not go to the extent of using canvas work to make a bag, the pattern can be used for any of our materials today. Anyway, a few pictures of the cosies and a denim bag (my first, so not too perfect!).
Cream merino cosie with embroidered flowers (72 in fact!)
Purple and snowmoon colours for this one!
White and blue classic.
Small denim bag with flower! Now for another two cosies: both with flowers (abundantly spring)! Better start working now! Marlene xoxo

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