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Monday, 10 September 2012

Photo props and fairy tales

After the market day, the search for new and interesting things to sell stays with me. I have been looking at all sorts of little things like pin cushions, retro tea cozies (of which I found a few patterns in old 1970 pattern books that, believe it or not, I still possess), maybe a few teddies to crochet?, but what is clear is that one must have a HUGE selection of stuff. People are savvy and just don't buy for the sake of buying. People have appreciated my knitted goods and thought that the items are colourful and well knitted, but still only a few things got sold. Now why would that be? I can tell you that I used some of the best materials and my knitting is not too bad at all and then the pricing is very well. I almost does not turn a profit on the items. It's fine to look at my stuff and how it was made, but I can assure you that you cannot make it that cheaply! I was very lucky to have had a commission from a photographer for some props. She needed a very 'fluffy' tulle tutu and a few baby beanies in the elven way. I have googled and searched and eventually came up with patterns that were mostly my own creations in the end. Some photo's to show:
The colours are lilac and purple, but somehow overall it looks quite pink!
Back view with ribbon to camo the fastening stuff!
All the elf beanies! Have a good Monday! Marl xoxo

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