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Thursday, 26 December 2013

December Odds and Ends

Well, it is the 26th today already, tomorrow is Friday and another month is almost gone.

December has been a busy month with markets at the beginning of the month, orders that needed finishing off and time to think up new ideas for the coming year.  Presents were bought and made and at last, I have taken a few pictures of goods made. Will post in January.  One more market on 29th and that will be that for 2013!

Weather wise, the heat has really decided to shoot to extremely hot with occasional cool days, but otherwise we are really frying! Garden work is now at a minimum, but I must confess, the veggies are looking very good.  We have picked a few times from our bean poles and I think especially the Blue Peter variety has done extremely well.  We have harvested a few pumpkins (a bit early, but they are frequently stung, so I pick them before they go bad) and the tomatoes of which we have 3 varieties growing, are looking gooood!

It is also cricket time in the Southern Hemisphere, so we are glued to the screen when it is on.  

Last, but not least, I do hope that everyone had a good Christmas yesterday and because I know I will not be blogging again until January, will have a fabulously 2014 and that all your weirdest wishes,dreams and hopes will come true!  I certainly know that mine will!

Until next time,


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